Shannon tells stories....

Shannon is an award-winning, professionally-trained actor with an ear for accents, a knack for comedy, & a dedication to bringing the beating heart of your characters to life. She is a proud member of the disability community, regularly sought after to narrate Young Adult & Middle Grade stories. Along with these genres, she has several titles forthcoming in both the Cozy Mystery & Romance categories, a fact that has given her perma-grin.

Shannon has made Jonathan Bailey laugh, Tim Russert blush, & even had Susan Stroman compliment her costume backstage one Halloween. She has mad skills from a life (thus far) well-lived that she is eager to use to transport your listeners into the singular world you have created.

Shannon's Audible titles can be found < HERE >

( Shannon also records her steamier romance titles under the pseudonym, Sadie Provost. Her tweens are delighted she made this choice. You can find Sadie's Audible titles < HERE > )

Primary Accents:  General American, American-Midwest, American-Southern, American-Western

Secondary Accents: New York, Boston, Canadian, British, Irish, Italian, Spanish, French (....& many more)

Coaching: Joel Froomkin; Jesse Bickford; Elise Arsenault

Education: BFA in Acting, Stephens College

Mentorship: Meghan Kelly

Pro Booth with:

Vanguard V-4
Scarlet Focusrite
Hindenburg Narrator / Punch-n-Roll

Booth Set-up & Training: Ryan Mey; Don Baarns



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